How to install

Excel 10 Guyed-lattice tower install manual
Excel 10 Self-supporting lattice tower installation manual
Excel 10 Tilt-up guyed-lattice tower installation manual
Excel 15 Installation Quick Guide

Owners Manuals
Excel 10 Owners Manual
Excel 15 Owners Manual
PowerSync II Inverter Owners Manual
VCSII Owners Manual

Customer Supplied Tower Requirements

Excel 10 requirements for customer supplied towers
Excel 15 requirements for customer supplied towers

CAD Performance Models

Excel 1 (Battery Charging)
Excel 6 (Grid-intertie)
Excel 7.5 R(Battery Charging)
Excel 10 (Grid-intertie)

Acoustics Test Data

Excel 1 Noise test data
Excel 10 BWC Turbine Acoustics Data (2010)
Excel test data at Ledgewood creek vineyard
NREL technical parer of small wind turbine noise

Cash Flow Models

The cash flow spreadsheet model can be used for both residential and commercial applications. It is a useful tool for determining simple payback and rate of return.

Residential & Buisness cash flow / payback period


Why short towers are bad
Small wind and birds
Small wind and birds OU letter
BWC comments to FERC on utility interconnection issues, June 2002
Excel 10 Shipping Weights and Dimensions

Legacy Products

Excel 1 Tilt tower installation manual
Excel 6 Guyed-lattice tower installation manual

Excel 1 Owners Manual (24V with PowerCenter)
Excel 1 Owners Manual (48V and 24V with Midnite Classic)
Excel 6 Owners Manual
Excel 7.5 Owners Manual

Excel 1 requirements for customer supplied towers
Excel 6 requirements for customer supplied towers