Excel 10 Off Grid

Designed for high reliability

The BWC Excel 10 is a modern 7 meter (23 ft) diameter, 10 kW wind turbine designed for high
reliability, low maintenance, and automatic operation in adverse weather condition

Large rural homes

Connected to the grid, the Excel 10 can provide most of the electricity for an average total electric
home at moderate wind sites. The Powersync II inverter is the most advanced in the industry and it
carries a full UL certification to the latest utility standards. Small wind systems qualify for a 30%
Federal Tax Credit, making them an even more affordable investment.


The Excel 10 is widely used in farming operations in rural and urban settings. Grants are available for
agricultural producers and rural small businesses through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America
Program. For more information click here.

Small Businesses

Small wind systems qualify for accelerated depreciation, making it more affordable than ever for
businesses to offset their electricity costs.

Why buy a small wind system?

A Bergey wind turbine is a smart investment that will lower your monthly expenses, increase your
net worth, and help support American manufacturing jobs. At the same time it will help clean the air,
slow climate change, and move us towards energy independence.

You will also enjoy watching your utility meter turn backwards and the lively interaction between the
wind and your Bergey turbine. Finally, it will totally change your view of wind – you will start
appreciating windy days.

For those fortunate enough to have a windy site of at lease one acre, a Bergey wind system will be
substantially less expensive than a comparable solar system, it will take up less space, and its
performance won’t degrade over time.


AWEA Rated Pawer 8.9 kW at 11m/s (24.5 mph)
AWEA Rated Sound Level 42.9 dB(A)
AWEA Rated Annual Energy 13,800 kWh at 5 m/s (11 mph)
Start-up Wind Speed 3.4 m/s (7.5 mph)
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5 m/s (5 mph)
Nominal Power 10 kW @ 12 m/s (27 mph)
Cut-out Wind Speed None
Furling Wind Speed 15.6 m/s (35 mph)
Max. Design Wind Speed 60 m/s (134 mph)
Type 3 Blade Upwind
Rotor Diameter 7 m (23 ft)
Blade Pitch Control None, Fixed Pitch
Overspeed Protection AUTOFURL
Gearbox None, Direct Drive
Temperature Range -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)
Generator Permanent Magnet Alternator
Output Form 3 Phase AC, Variable Frequency(240 VAC, 1Ø, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 1Ø, 50 Hz with Powersync II Inverter.)


Download Excel 10 Brochure
Download Excel 10 Spec Sheet
Download Excel 10 SWCC Summary Report
Download Excel 10 SWCC Certification Declaration
Download Excel 10 SWCC Certification Label


In 2008 the Excel 10 was upgraded to a more efficient Powersync II inverter.
In 2009 the Excel turbine was upgraded with a more powerful alternator and longer blades.
Performance has been improved by an average of 25%.

Download 12kW Powersync II Manual

Tower Options

The Excel 10 is most often installed on a guyed-lattice tower, which is available in heights of 18 m (60 ft.) to 49 m (160 ft.). Tilt-up versions of these towers are available for sites without crane access in heights up to 30 m (100 ft.).

Self-supporting lattice towers and monopole towers are also available. Self-supporting lattice towers are available in heights of 18 m (60 ft.) to 49 m (160 ft) and monopole towers are available in heights of 18 m (60 ft.) to 37 m (120 ft.).

Customers may also supply their own towers if they follow BWC’s basic tower requirements for the Excel 10 turbine.

SWCC Certification (U.S.)

The Excel 10 is one of only a few wind turbines to have achieved the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) certification.
The SWCC is an independent organization that assesses and issues certificates and consumer labels for the performance and safety of small wind turbines in accordance with criteria established in the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) 9.1-2009 standard.
Download Excel 10 SWCC Summary Report.


The BWC Excel 10 was introduced in 1983 and it has been installed at over 2,500 sites around the world.
Download Excel 10 Warranty Statement.