How to Purchase

Bergey turbines can be purchased through our worldwide network of over 500 Certified Dealers or directly from the factory.

The choice of which option is best for you is basically a trade-off between costs and involvement. The wind system is basically a big “Erector Set (TM)”, but installation does involve obtaining the necessary permits, pouring concrete foundations, constructing a wire run from the tower to your house, installing and connecting the electronics, and assembling and erecting the turbine and tower. BWC has safe turbine erection procedures that allow all of the assembly work to be done on the ground.

On the 10 kW / 15 kW systems a light-duty crane is then used to lift the system to vertical. We have complete installation manuals for each product.

Using a Certified Dealer

Installations from Certified Dealers are the easiest, fastest, and simplest path to a working wind turbine installation. Certified dealers will provide full warranty coverage for 5-years and they are familiar with the often difficult permitting processes.

Certified Dealers have typically received factory training on the installation and servicing of Bergey wind energy systems. They can provide a complete “turnkey” installation and will enhance the Bergey warranty by providing on-site service.

Typically, Certified Dealers install systems within a 75-mile radius of their offices.

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