Off Grid Turbines

Remote Power Solutions

From stand alone beacon lighting to village power, we have your remote power solution covered. Bergey
Windpower has well over two decades of off grid power experience with projects all around the globe. Our
turbines have no required service and are ideal when high reliability and performance are of critical
importance. If you can provide latitude, longitude, peak power, and daily kWh loads we can design your
system. Simple system designs are typically free of charge while more complex systems include a 1%
design fee that’s forgiven at the time of sale. Regardless of where you are Bergey Windpower has
a solution for your off grid power needs.

Download Small Windturbines for Microgrids FAQ

Turbines for off-grid homes

Properly designing an off grid system requires careful thought and consideration. Efficency is of
critial importance. BWC has the experience to help you acheive your goal.

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