Wind School



A Primer on Small Wind Systems
Wind-Electric Pumping Systems for Communities
EnergiePortal Article on Renewable Energy


90 Second Expert

Overview of Wind Energy
Reducting Your Utility Bill
Wind Power for the Home
Protecting Your Home From Power Outages
Helping the Environment
About Power Companies
Wind Power for Remote Locations
Wind Power for Remote Telecom Sites



Residential Wind Energy Systems
Net Metering and Related Utility Issues
Small Wind Turbines for Microgrids

Dealer Training Workshop

These 3-day workshops are held in Norman,
Oklahoma. In addition to our dealers, we
have also had customers, educators, and
government officials attend these workshops.
Please call (405) 364-4212 for further details.


Wind Maps

In this section we have compiled wind maps
from the U.S. Department of Energy (US-DOE)
and other sources. We have also included
some solar maps for people working with
hybrid wind and solar systems. We expect
to add more maps over time as we gain
permission to post them. If you do not find
the resource information you need here, we
invite you to e-mail us with a request for
assistance. Bergey Windpower has wind
resource data that we have not yet posted

U.S. Wind Resource Maps