I installed my Bergey 10 kW in 2001. I haven’t paid an electric bill since the turbine was installed and it’s paid for itself. It’s the best investment I ever made.

–G. Sansone, Oak Hills, CA

“I replaced a broken Whirlwind Power turbine with a Bergey 10 kW in 1988. I should have bought the Bergey in the first place.”

–R. Bohl, Phillipburg KS

“My first Bergey 10 kW installation has operated for over 26 years with insignificant maintenance costs and has had a 100% availability factor. It couldn’t be more reliable.”

–S. Chase, Shokan NY.

“I made a big mistake when I used a Chinese turbine with an American sounding name. It just didn’t hold up. What a difference in the Bergey equipment.”

–S. Jackson, Chico, CA