Wind Power For Remote Locations

Wind Power For Remote Locations


There are ~ 2 billion people around the world without electric service. They live their life in one continuous, never-ending blackout. And, the most amazing thing is that people are being born at a faster rate than they are being electrified.

Many “electrified” villages around the world have diesel generators that run only 3-6 hours a day. They have electricity during the evening only, so they don’t have power during the day for schools or industry. Often, the homes have no light switches. When the diesel generator is on their lights are on; when its off their lights are off.

Bergey and Village Electrification

The technologies of wind, solar, storage, and power conversion have matured greatly over the last twenty years. It is now quite reasonable, and common, to use wind power to provide electricity to areas not served by the power grid.

Wind power systems can often be less expensive to install than grid-extension and less costly to operate than diesel generators.

Cost of a Bergey system

Wind systems can be added to existing diesel-only power systems to provide 24-hour power at affordable costs.

Village power systems typically cost from $20,000 to $150,000.

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